Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We can NOT let our children drown in a sea of Internet pornography!
*12-17 year olds are the largest consumers of internet porn.
*11 years old is the average age of first exposure to internet pornography.
*85.5% of the pornography business, stems from the United States.
*There are over 600 million pornographic websites.
*Businesses lose $85 billion a year due to workers misusing the internet.
* 70% of pornography is viewed between 9am-5pm.
Ralph Yarro is trying to pass legislation nationwide. HE NEEDS OUR HELP! This legislation will change our society forever if passed. Ralph is a computer genius from Utah whom has established a way for there to be such thing as a ‘CLEAN’ computer. He has hired on full time, 4 people to work on this program. He recently met with Jon Kyl on September 28th and presented this plan to him. This anticipated day was a great success. Jon Kyl is THRILLED about it and has high hopes it will come to pass; however, now needs to present this plan to the White House. If this legislation passes, there will be no need to buy a new computer or software. It will simply involve contacting your internet server (Cox, Quest etc…) and stating you want this specific channel. It’s as easy as flipping a switch for them and BOOM all of a sudden you have a ‘clean’ channel that isn’t even capable of processing FILTH. It’s not a filter, but literally a CLEAN channel. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking: Why does this need to be approved by the government? Well it is because the US government controls these channels and so therefore; they need to approve opening a new ‘clean’ channel across the country.
What can I do to Help CP80?
- write, email, or call your state Congressmen and Senators. Let them know this issue is important to you! Let them know you SUPPORT CP80!! CALL NOW.
BE A VOICE IN YOUR COMMUNITY- write a letter to the editor or call radio shows. Discuss the dangers of internet pornography on your BLOG.
BECOME A TECH SAVVY PARENT-be actively searching for better ways to protect your children from all internet sources. BE STRICT WITH RULES AND STICK WITH THEM.
EDUCATE YOURSELF- register at http://www.cp80.org/. It is a simple and quick process. You will receive updates on the status of CP80 and the progress it is making!
PLEASE MAKE MULTIPLE COPIES OF THIS FLYER- pass them out to family, friends, neighbors, and all of your ward members. MAKE CP80 KNOWN! Encourage others to register at http://www.cp80.org/


brooke martin said...

Hello! I want you to know that this website is on the main cp80.org website!! WAY TO GO!!!