Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking for a telescope

Tiffany A. is looking for someone that has a telescope she can borrow for Girls Camp. If you have one or know where she can find one, please contact her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Multi family garage sale

Many families in new neighborhood looking to sell numerous items at LOW PRICES!
Items include: Clothing (for all ages), small appliances, furniture, art and decorations, toys, dvds, knick-knacks, storage bins, and MUCH MORE!!
1. Take the US-60 to the Ironwood Rd exit. 2. Take Ironwood South to Pecan Creek Blvd (approx 11 miles)- there is usually a hot air balloon at the entrance 3. Stay on Pecan Creek Blvd, and turn Right on Kelsi Way 4. Turn Left on Dena, then Right on Kelsi Ave. There will be items for sell at numerous homes on Kelsi Ave.
Call Kevin at 480-628-0164 with any questions
Saturday, April 26 @ 7

Friday, April 18, 2008

Need diapers?

Brand new diapers for sale!
so as i was getting out a play mat for my newborn to lay on and be stimulated with sights, sounds and toys- i stumbled across a HUGE box of brand new huggies diapers!!!! They are from when my daughter used diapers in December. (who is now potty trained) problem is- they are size 5's by huggies. therefore i would like to find someone willing to buy them so i can go buy 1's for my newborn!so- huggies diapers- 111 diapers total (worth $55)...i'll sell for $50- a whole five bucks cheaper!.at the box sizes of diapers are 39.99 each. i have the two sealed packages that you get from the costco box of diapers - so 88 diapers that are sealed (44 in each package) and then there are 23 un sealed diapers that are double bagged in a clear new garbage bag to keep them sanitary.and we all know they come from a smoke free clean mormon home! e-mail me at trust me- with the newborn feedings at night and my much needed nap time during the day- you'll have better luck catching me through e-mail. ;)
Kara Allred

Friday, April 11, 2008

King bedroom set/XBOX FOR SALE

We just got our bedroom set 1 year ago but are being forced to sell it due to growing medical bills. The set includes a king poster canopy bed, 2 4-drawer nightstands, a 10-drawer dresser and large mirror. We are asking $2700 OBO. if you are interested, email me at

We also are selling my husbands XBOX and it includes 3 remotes-2 with cords and 1 cordless, as well as 16 games to go with it. We are asking $100 OBO.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Want/need some extra cash?

Jamie Finlayson is looking for a babysiter while her current sitter is on 'maternity leave'. She needs someone only 6 days a month- every Thursday and every other Wednesday. The hours would be from around 5:45am til 5 or 6 pm. She works 10 hour days plus drive time to and from. If you are interested or have questions, contact Jamie at or call her.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Price change

There was a price change on Dave and Mindys house. They just lowered it to $169,900. Smokin' deal!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

I am sick about it.....

Tell your kids to watch out for my camera. It is very small and compact and I am almost positive some little kids on bikes "found" it. We looked EVERYWHERE and it was no where to be found but there were a ton of kids biking around the neighborhood. If you hear of anything, let me know.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Home based preschools

Lisa M. in PC South is looking for a good home based preschool in the area. I know a lot of you have kids in preschools out here. Share where you take them with us!
Lisa, I know of one lady that lives in San Tan Heights that is AMAZING! My nephews go to her and she is just great. Let me know if you want more info on her!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

House for sale!

SALE BY OWNER for only $169,900
Don't let a lease agreement hold you back.

Buy a great house for less than we paid 3 years ago!

4 bd 2 1/2 ba, large bedrooms, 10 x 15 and 10 x16 plus master and one other 3 living areas, living, family and bonus. 3 years old 2250 sq ft, great floor plan wood flooring 2.5 car fully insulated garage including door. Great for workshop with lots of extra elecrical, doesn't get too hot, plus two large vehicles. Garage extends 4 feet extra in length and 5 feet extra in width. Lot size 66 X 120. Back yard extends 47 feet past back patio, plus 25-foot side yard with 10-foot gate Selling agent welcome for a 3% comission. Willing to address other concerns Motivated to sell Seller pays closing costs. Don't let a leasing contract hold you back. May pay break lease fees, plus other financing ideas. Call for more information. David or Mindy Smith 480-357-3752, Cell 480-993-4281

Sleep a little better tonight.....

This was in the Tribune last week and we wanted everyone to know about it if you hadnt heard about it yet. To be completely honest, there was a picture of him in the newspaper and he is a normal looking 24 year old. That makes it even worse. You cant be too sure now a days.
A suspected serial child molester was arrested near Queen Creek on Wednesday night after one of his alleged victims spotted him at a park and neighbors chased him down, authorities said.
Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vazquez said Matthew Alan Clack, 24, was arrested by deputies after a 13-year-old victim from a July molestation and attempted kidnapping case recognized Clack at a Pecan Creek neighborhood park and yelled out "that’s him."
"When she did, several citizens went in a foot chase of him — chasing him in and around houses," he said. "They dialed 911 and after a very fast response time from deputies in that area, we were able to help the citizens to apprehend Clack."
Over the summer, a series of molestations and attempted kidnappings took place in the Castlegate and Pecan Creek neighborhoods in an unincorporated area east of Queen Creek.
"Ever since the initial incident happened in July the community has really been on alert," Vasquez said. "They can now, I believe, breathe a sigh of relief that a child predator is no longer roaming the streets."
Clack may be responsible for at least five attempted or actual molestations in the Johnson Ranch, Queen Creek and Mesa areas, Vasquez said.
"Based on our interview with him, he admitted that he does have a serious problem, and he admitted to as many as five attempts or actual molestations," he said.
Clack was booked into Pinal County Jail on felony charges of sexual assault and attempted kidnapping for the July case.
Dena Larsen, the blockwatch coordinator for Pecan Creek, said she got goose bumps when she heard about the arrest.
"The fact that there was an arrest made, solidified to me, that we do have dangerous things happening out there, and we can’t turn a blind eye," she said. "I’m glad there’s another person off the street that’s causing harm."
Larsen, a mother of two young girls, said she hopes some residents in the area see this as an "eye-opener" because she’s seen little supervision of children in the neighborhood.
"Parents need to look at what is lurking out there," she said. "There is a risk, and it’s right here in our own backyard."
Vasquez called this case "a prime example of a community working together with law enforcement" and said neighbors who helped catch Clack "should be proud of themselves."
Vasquez said his department, along with other agencies, are trying to track down others Clack may have attacked. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Lisa Swinton at (520) 866-5149.